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Unborn babies need your support now more than ever.  Michigan has become one of the most pro-abortion jurisdictions in the world. The governor, in her state of the state address, bragged of the economic boon of killing those the Michigan leaders believe are life unworthy of life.  

And it could not have happened without the votes of Christians and Catholics who place all other issues above the only issue that directly and intentionally kills 2,300+ human beings every single day. 

How can we stop this and save the most vulnerable?

Join us on October 17, 2023, to pray, strategize, and be motivated to end this. Now. 

Tables and tickets will go on sale soon. Until then, email us to sign up as a table captain, to become a sponsor, to reserve your table, or to help on the Focus on Life team! . Please, join pro-life leaders and advocates at the largest pro-life event in our county. 

WHEN: Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 6:30pm

WHERE: Crystal Gardens Banquet Center, 5768 E Grand River Ave, Howell


MLK said when fighting for human rights: “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

THANK YOU TO THE 2022 Banquet Donors:

You are encouraged to join those listed below who have committed to support RTL LC in our unbanquet as champions of the pro-life movement in Livingston County.


William & Cheryl Boger
Jennifer Carnavale
Conley Rent-a-Car
Davis Solutions
Jay Drick
Richard & Ellen Huyser
LKN Tree Service
McMillian & Associates
Pro Bros
Ron & Peggy Weingartz
Cary & Barry Davis
George & Doreen Messner
Vince’s Prayer Warriors
Jennifer Carnivale
Carol Bagdady
Sobonya Family
Char & Pete Kerr
Joe & Marcia Hune
Applin Bros.
Dennis Halpin
Archer Huntley Financial
Dennis & Jeanne King
*Mary Lou Schneemann
*Kamille Karlson
*Homer Judith Smathers
*Scott & Sally Edwards
*Robert & MaryAnn Gardella
*Tom Malysz


Brighton Naz
Cornerstone EPC
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Livingston Christian School
Our Savior Lutheran
Place of Refuge
St. Agnes Knights of Columbus
St. Augustine Catholic Church
St. Augustine Knights of Columbus
St. Augustine Respect Life
St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church
St. Mary Knights of Columbus #11761
St. Patrick Catholic Church
St. Patrick Catholic Church Knights of Columbus
St. Patrick Respect Life Group

Elected officials

Representative Bob Bezotte

Representative Ann Bollin

School Board Member John Conely

Commissioner Jay Drick, District 5

Commissioner Jay Gross, District 8 

Commissioner Doug Helzerman, District 4  

Howell Supervisor Harold Melton

Sheriff Mike Murphy

Commissioner Brenda Plank, District 9

GOP Chair Meghan Reckling

Senator Lana Theis, 22 District

ENDORSED CANDIDATES (Net yet in office)

Jason Bedford

Tammy Carlone

Roger Deaton

Brandon Denby

Dave Domas

Nick Fiani

Frank Sample

Andy Storm

Kelli Uphaus

Jason Woolford


Ticket, table or sponsorship?
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