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Unborn babies and the medically vulnerable need your support now more than ever. Michigan has become one of the most pro-abortion jurisdictions in the world, a change that could not have happened without the votes of Christians and Catholics who prioritize other issues above the sanctity of life. Each day, over 2,300 human beings are directly and intentionally killed through abortion.

How can we stop this and save the most vulnerable? Join us on October 8, 2024, to pray, strategize, and be motivated to end this now. Please, stand with pro-life leaders and advocates at the largest pro-life event in our county.

  • $60 per person, includes fellowship, inspiring talks, and meal
  • $550 for a reserved table of 10
  • $500 for a sponsorship (Featured in the program, in the newsletter sent to over 2,000 homes, and Tax Deductible if designated to RTLM Ed Fund.)
  • $30 for students

WHEN: Tuesday, October 8, 2024, 6:30pm

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Pastor Paul Clark FOL Keynote
Pastor Paul Clark has faithfully served as the pastor of St. John Church for 35 years and is dedicated to his congregation. Additionally, he is deeply committed to the pro-life cause, serving as the president of Lutherans For Life of Michigan.

Over the past three decades, Pastor Clark has been a compelling speaker at numerous events, banquets, and rallies across the state, advocating for the sanctity of human life. He has actively participated in various committees, working tirelessly to address critical issues such as abortion and physician-assisted suicide in Michigan.

Pastor Clark’s devotion extends beyond his professional life. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have celebrated 44 years of marriage. Their family has grown through the blessing of adoption, and they now enjoy the love and joy of grandchildren.

Pastor Clark firmly believes that the sanctity of human life is the paramount issue of our time. He passionately advocates for public education and awareness, along with the application of Christian love and compassion to those affected by these issues. He is optimistic that through these efforts, the pro-life movement will succeed, and our nation will reaffirm the dignity and sanctity of human life.


Joe Hune FOC 2024 Emcee

Joe Hune is the father of Alex.

Joe is the husband of Marcia. He is also a Right to Life Livingston Board Member, former Michigan State Senator, former Michigan State House Member, and current companion of Joe’s Camels.

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You are encouraged to join those listed below who have committed to support RTL LC in our banquet as champions of the pro-life movement in Livingston County.


Joe’s Camels


Elected officials

Doug Helzerman – County Commissioner