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Right to Life Livingston Endorsements

Vote for Life

We often hear that one issue voting, choosing the right to life over the many other issues, is a problem and flaw in the prolife person’s ethics, morality, and character.

We disagree.

No other issue directly and intentionally kills up to 3,000 humans every single day. Life is the very foundation of all other rights. If we kill people health insurance does not matter. Immigration does not matter. Hunger and poverty do not matter. Women’s rights is a moot point when 1,500 females are killed daily.

On the other issues, no one is pro-hunger, we just disagree about the method to end hunger. No one is anti-healthcare, we just disagree on the method to provide the most people with the best care possible.

Science tells us that the unborn is a human being. To deny this is to deny science.

Science tells us that abortion kills an innocent human being.

Please read some of these blogs to understand the ‘why’ of the single issue vote.

Peace, non-violence, kindness, and empathy agree with placing this issue above others.

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Ryan Bomberger

Ryan Bomberger #alllivesmatterI have to laugh when I hear liberals accuse social conservatives of being “single-issue” voters. Of course voters, like me, are concerned about a whole plethora of issues especially since the government has intruded into every possible facet of our lives. But there is virtue in single-mindedness. There is worth in focusing on an egregious injustice that outweighs other More…

Scott Klusendorf

Scott KlusendorfThe Case for Life provides intellectual grounding for the pro-life convictions that most evangelicals hold. Author Scott Klusendorf first simplifies the debate: the sanctity of life is not a morally complex issue. It’s not about choice, privacy, or scientific progress.