Precious Baby contest 2022

Right to Life Livingston’s Precious Baby contest is one of the most anticipated events of the years.

The contest combines adorable babies and those who love them with the mission to save the 2,500 babies per day who are killed through legal abortion. 

Please enter your baby to show the world the love, joy, and miracle that each human being is created to be. Then vote for a baby ($1 per vote) to support RTL LC’s work to save babies.

How many votes would you like?
Which baby are you voting for?
RTL Livingston Precious baby 1
Baby 1
Baby 3
PBC #5
Baby 5
Baby 2.2
Baby 2
Baby 2
Baby 4
PBC #6
Baby 6
RTL Livingston Precious baby 7
Baby 7
Baby 9 Right to Life Precious Baby
Baby 9
Amelia baby 11
Baby 11
Baby 13 RTL LC contest
Baby 13
Baby 8 Right to Life Precious Baby
Baby 8
Baby 10 Right to Life Precious Baby
Baby 10
Baby 12 contest rtl lc
Baby 12
baby 14
Baby 14
Kate Ryan #15
Baby 15
Baby 16
How many votes would you like?
Which baby are you voting for?

Enter your precious baby today!

Print the form and mail a check or note your favorite baby’s number in the box above and click “vote.”

When you click vote you will be diverted to the PayPal page to pay for your votes. You do not need a PayPal account, they accept all major cards and debit

All money raised through the precious baby contest will help fund awareness and education about life issues and the importance of voting for life.

Mother Teresa quote How can you say there are too many children

2021 Precious Babies:

ll are precious, but we have to call the babies with the most votes:

1st place (Baby #15)  Greyson 
2nd place (Baby #2) Payton 
3rd place: Tie: (Baby #1)  Emma  
                        (Baby # 7)  Penelope
4th Place Tie: (Baby #6) Parker 
                       (Baby #8)  Landon
6th Place:  (Baby #5)  Mason 
7th Place: (Baby #3) Ezekiel 
8th Place: (Baby #4) Amelia
Congratulations to the babies, the parents, and the grandparents!